Two Weeks Off to Relax and Thrift Adventures Await


Hey Sailors,

This week I’m not posting much! I need a break! My new projects have been taking longer to finish than expected. And when you hit a wall, take some time off! I have been working non-stop for a few months, with very little time for myself and my health. Listen to your brain and your body! It’s not worth it to lose any of your creativity over social media algorithms and your own (super) high expectations.

I’m taking two weeks off now because Indian summer is my favorite time of year!



Vacation and Thrifting


I can’t just sit around and do nothing. I’m unfortunately one of those people that must keep their brains active. I call it my brain gymnastic. The more I let my mind be the driver, the more weeds grow in my garden. So, I always try to keep my mind busy with fun things to do. Thrifting is therapeutic to me! I get in the zone, put some headphones on, and let my mind travel through the racks and piles of things. It’s the best! And when I find something I like, I get super excited! It makes my vacation even more interesting because you never know what you will find!


A Week Off to Relax and Thrift Adventures Await


I will give you a small update next week!

Enjoy the bit of summer left,

Sonia 😉



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