Two Weeks Off to Relax and Thrift Adventures Await (Part 2)


Hey Sailors,

I’m still on vacation! I needed this break for a long time! Taking a break from social media made me feel SO DARN GOOD! This is why I decided to keep posting on my blog and post much less on Instagram. However, I love Pinterest! It’s less invasive and only shows me things I want to see. I even learned a few things or two! I am tired of Facebook and Instagram and their countless battles for traffic and likes, while no one gives a damn about your content! I would rather be here to teach and learn something in return than be stressed out over algorithms. I will talk about it when I return. Downtime made me realize so many things!


Vacation and Thrifting


Another trip to the thrift, and I got super excited with these finds! I will tell you more about them in a detailed post soon!

Two Weeks Off to Relax and Thrift Adventures Await (Part 2)


I should be back next week.

Enjoy the bit of summer left,

Sonia 😉



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