WWII Spearhead M65 Hand Painted Field Jacket N°1 -REMAKE©-
WWII Spearhead M65 Hand Painted Field Jacket N°1 -REMAKE©-

WWII Spearhead M65 Hand Painted Field Jacket N°1 -REMAKE©-

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This piece is a one-of-a-kind art piece bundle painted and made by hand.

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The Story

This is my N°1 project and this is my first step forward to depict a story on clothing! I had this image of a Sherman tank driving a snowy road to its next battle to Köln (aka Cologne). As excited as I was, this project was simply immense! Painting a composition on the back of a jacket was new to me. It was the first and most important learning experience of my artistic career. It was a lot of trial and error and a lot of research to make things the way I envisioned them. But in the end, I’m extremely proud of this picture!

It was very important to capture the cold and roughness of the Battle of the Bulge. Through my long research, I came across scenes of Sherman tanks from the 3rd Armored Division driving through snowy roads. So, I had a clear scene in mind and I was ready to jump on Photoshop to draw a mockup sketch. Once I was satisfied with the scene, I traced it on a white painted rectangle on the jacket.

The painting process took about two weeks.

At the bottom right corner, there’s a destroyed Tiger tank, where a US Army tank crew member is helping the convoy avoid the wreck. Finally, I added a symbol of a torn-apart Nazi flag as a reminder that the idea is still out there lingering trying to get new followers. But united, we can always keep that darkness as a simple torn flag.

Putting titles in the back of the jacket is a must to englobe the painting. It would look cooler, especially fashionable!  I made sure to make “Spearhead” and “3rd Armored Division” titles balanced in size

The font that I used is my own 88th Co. font.

You can also clearly see the two P-47 Thunderbolt flying high in the sky. They were extremely helpful as air support during the Battle of the Bulge. It’s one of my favorite aircraft!

I hope you enjoy my N°1 as much as I do!


Spearhead M65 Field Jacket: N°1.

This M65 Field Jacket, the N°1,  is my first -REMAKE ©-.

As my canvas, I used a vintage Spearhead M65 field jacket from the Vietnam War. I decided to keep the topic by painting about the famous WWII 3rd Armored Division. My goal for this project was to keep everything as rugged as possible while telling the story of the Spearhead. Again, I’m not into perfect art, otherwise, I would rather use machines. My painting, ribbons, buttons, and patches were all made by hand and hand-painted. This is a one-of-a-kind piece and I won’t make another like it!

-REMAKE©- Piece

The piece picked for the Spearhead jacket (N°1 ), is a vintage M65 field jacket from 1974, (made in the USA by John Ownbey Co, INC.). It has its original liner and the zippers are from General Maker.

All patches and ribbons were made from repurposed cotton fabric leather and hand painted.

    1. Fully hand-painted back composition of a Sherman tank and its crew during the Battle of the Bulge.
    2. Two hand-painted top and bottom hand-painted titles: Spearhead and 3rd Armed Div.
    3. Five ribbons made from repurposed leather and fabric: The Purple Heart, American Campaign military ribbon, WWII Victory Medal, European-African, Middle Eastern Campaign, ruptured duck, and the Presidential Unit Citation.
    4. Two repurposed and hand-painted pin buttons (inspired by the US Army collar disks): One with the US initials and the second is a WW1 tank that describes the Armored force.
    5. On the left sleeve, three hand-painted patches made from repurposed fabric, hand painted and hand sewed: the 3rd Armored Division, Spearhead patch in full color, the Staff sergeant patch, with the WW2 color combination, three overseas stripes (18 months. Each stripe is equal to 6 months in a combat zone).
    6. On the right sleeve, one hand-painted patch made from repurposed fabric, hand painted and hand sewed: The Staff Sergeant patch, with the WW2 color combination.
    7. Repurposed cotton tote bag with repurposed military straps. Printed by hand with custom US Army stencil.
    8. Handmade keychain bakelite style (made in polymer clay) and hand-painted 3rd Armored Division insignia.
88th Company dyes and paint

Hand Painted Story Labels

This Spearhead M65 Hand Painted Field Jacket N°1 has its unique label tag from l’Atelier. The tag is numbered with the vest’s unique serial number and has a red wax handmade quality control seal. On the back of the label tag are my full story notes written by hand and hand-painted with watercolors. There are two other stapled tags: one for the -REMAKE©- list and one for measurements.


Each of the wearable art pieces will come with a certificate personally signed by me and with its serial number. This certificate certifies that this piece was handmade at L’ATELIER at 88th Company. It has your name and the serial number of the art piece.

Each art piece is unique and is not duplicated.

Hand Painted Packaging

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since all my items are hand-painted, it’s only natural to have the same method applied to their packaging.
On a beautiful large brown bag, I spray paint the 88th Company logo on a custom stencil. After inserting the custom item inside the bag, it is folded and closed with a vintage twine string. Finally, like a top-secret letter, the string knot is sealed with a custom wax seal.


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