What's REMAKE?

Repurposing Everything

I always felt that old things shouldnโ€™t have one life, but multiple. Like Japanese people, Iโ€™m a strong believer in the Mottainai philosophy. โ€œMottainai attempts to communicate the inherent value in a thing and encourage using objects fully or all the way to the end of their lifespan.ย Leave no grain of rice in your bowl; if a toy breaks, repair it; and take good care of everything.โ€ โ€“ย Kevin Taylor,ย ABC News May 2017โ€ I apply Mottainai for all my -REMAKE- designs and I find it particularly important to create new things from old things. They have soul and character! Finally, itโ€™s important to be less wasteful in the environmental crisis that we are now facing.

88th Company Boro Style sample
88th Company -REMAKE-

Gathering Materials

Turning old jackets, coats, hats, jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, curtains, bags, scarfs, gloves, into reusable material for a -REMAKE- takes time. First, I go thrifting for hours and sometimes in far locations (where I even have to fly there) and find the perfect recyclable item. Second, I rip seams to recuperate: zippers, buttons, leather, suede, ropes, tags, patches, buckles, pins and fabric in all shapes and forms. There will never be the same buttons or leather for example, so each -REMAKE- is a unique wearable art piece made with love!


Without threads, there wonโ€™t be much to sew or -REMAKE- to create, so I pay a close attention on buying the best quality for a long-lasting result. I always buy dead stock thread, since itโ€™s super either vintage or recent, high quality, unique and cheaper. I only buy brand new DMC, because of their vibrant arrays of colors and outstanding quality for embroidery.

88th Company -REMAKE-