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WW2 Native American Chief Pouch 8th Air Force -REMAKE©-



This WW2 Native American Chief Pouch -REMAKE©- is from the same collection as the centerpiece. Painted and handmade, this pouch is a one-of-kind piece.


-REMAKE©- Details

This WW2 Native American Chief Pouch is fully hand-painted and made from repurposed materials.

    1. Vintage fabric from a French military laundry bag
    2. Repurposed Polo Ralph denim jeans
    3. Vintage Lampo Zipper (Italy)
    4. Vintage Eddie Bauer shirt used for the liner.
    5. Zipper puller made from repurposed the same repurposed fabrics.
    6. Precious stones (Tigger Eye) and seashell beads for zipper puller sewn by hand.
    7. Repurposed pin button and painted by hand with the 18th Bmb Squdn insignia (8th Air Force WW2)
    8. Hand-painted US stencil
    9. Hand-painted Native American bison running painting
    10. Hand embroidery (chain stitch) on the top of the bag
    11. Hand bead embroidery on the top of the bag and around each hoop.
    12. Two machine embroidery lines on the bottom.
    13. Two repurposed and hand-painted pin buttons.
    14. Hand-painted Native American frieze on the duffle bag strap.
    15. Distressed and dyed by hand
    16. Hand-painted Native American frieze on both top sides of the pouch



28 cm x 22 cm
8.66″ x 11.02″


Hand Painted Story Labels

This WW2 Native American Chief Pouch has its unique label tag from l’Atelier. The tag is numbered with the vest’s unique serial number and has a red wax handmade quality control seal. On the back of the label tag are my full story notes written by hand and hand-painted with watercolors. There are two other stapled tags: one for the -REMAKE©- list and one for measurements.



Each of the wearable art pieces will come with a certificate personally signed by me and with its serial number. This certificate certifies that this piece was handmade at L’ATELIER at 88th Company. It has your name and the serial number of the art piece.

Each art piece is unique and is not duplicated.


Hand Painted Packaging

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since all my items are hand-painted, it’s only natural to apply the same method to their packaging. I spray-painted the 88th Company logo on a beautiful handmade brown envelope on a custom stencil. After inserting the custom item inside the envelope, it is sealed with a custom wax seal.


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