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WW2 D-Day, Native American Chief Duffle Bag -REMAKE©-



The Story

I’ve always wanted to celebrate Native American rich history, art, and heroism through a unique bag. I was inspired by many amazing stories of Native Americans who fought throughout history and during WW2. But for this bag, I only focused on D-Day.

I’ve also pushed my painting skills to the highest level by painting a painterly portrait of a WW2 veteran chief. The portrait is about capturing your attention through his eyes. You can see courage, honor, and pride. This is a salute to all the Native Americans, who have given their lives and served their country! Native American culture is a worldwide treasure that must be preserved, understood, and not forgotten!

Sonia T.


-REMAKE©- Piece

This WW2 Native American Duffle Bag is fully hand-painted. Furthermore, the canvas is a vintage duffle bag. Like any vintage item, the bag has signs of wear.

    1. Vintage unknown origin distressed duffle bag
    2. All the beads that were used on this bag are from a vintage guitar strap
    3. All tiger eye beads were repurposed from vintage necklaces and bracelets.
    4. Repairs and reinforcements were done on the bottom and side of the bag.
    5. 4 weeks were needed to paint the portrait of the chief.
    6. 7 repurposed hand-painted leather patches and ribbons.
    7. All seven leather patches were hand embroidered and sewn.
    8. 4 custom-made stencils for Normandy, Bastogne, US, and 88th Company inner tag.
    9. Hand-painted Native American frieze on top of the bag and bottom (lower sides and bottom)
    10. Hand embroidery (chain stitch) on the top of the bag
    11. Hand beads embroidery on the top of the bag and around each hoop.
    12. Two machine embroidery lines on the bottom.
    13. Two repurposed and hand-painted pin buttons.
    14. Hand-painted Native American frieze on the duffle bag strap.
    15. Three horizontal machine embroidery lines along the whole bag.
    16. Hand-painted Native American Hunting (inspired by the Ledger drawings) scene on the left side of the bag. Purposely painted on low opacity.
    17. Repurposed Native American vintage bandana:
      1. Dyed by hand in Natural dye (coffee)
      2. Distressed by hand
      3. Hand sewed 4 tiger eye beads on each corner with a small red bead.
      4. Hand-printed stock number
    18. Comes with a repurposed storage bag.



Native American Duffle Bag:

72.5 cm width x 47 cm hight
28.54″ x 18.50″


54.5 cm x 52.5 cm

21.45″ x  20.66″


Article On Native Americans and D-Day (coffeeordie.com)

On the eve of D-Day, Sgt. Jake McNiece stood on the runway in full combat gear. The part-Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma had his face covered with war paint and his hair shaved into a mohawk. Twelve more Americans followed suit. The intrepid group included 11 other Native Americans and one Yankee who hadn’t bathed since Christmas. They called themselves the “Filthy 13.” Their epic legacy later inspired the 1967 Hollywood blockbuster, The Dirty Dozen. Read more…


Hand Painted Story Labels

This WW2 Native American Chief Duffle bag has its unique label tag from l’Atelier. The tag is numbered with the vest’s unique serial number and has a red wax handmade quality control seal. On the back of the label tag are my full story notes written by hand and hand-painted with watercolors. There are two other stapled tags: one for the -REMAKE©- list and one for measurements.



Each of the wearable art pieces will come with a certificate personally signed by me and with its serial number. This certificate certifies that this piece was handmade at L’ATELIER at 88th Company. It has your name and the serial number of the art piece.

Each art piece is unique and is not duplicated.


Hand Painted Packaging

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since all my items are hand-painted, it’s only natural to apply the same method to their packaging.
I spray painted the 88th Company logo on a beautiful large brown bag on a custom stencil. After inserting the custom item inside the bag, it is folded and closed with a vintage twine string. Finally, like a top-secret letter, the string knot is sealed with a custom wax seal.


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