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WW1 German Camo Bag, Skull Patch -REMAKE©-



The Story

As I was thrifting, I found this fabulous camouflage German military poncho. I quickly sketched the idea of a WW1-inspired bag only made from repurposed materials. I also added one main patch inspired by several Nose Art and a German name tag. Also, I was inspired by the Red Baron, which is why I picked red as the color accent. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind art piece! 



-REMAKE©- Piece

This WW1 German Camo Bag is fully hand-painted. Furthermore, the fabric is from a vintage German military poncho. Like any vintage item, the bag has signs of wear.

    1. Vintage German Military poncho as fabric
    2. Repurposed brown leather
    3. Repurposed sued from a vintage bag (origin: Italy)
    4. Vintage military long strap.
    5. Custom hand-painting skull patch
    6. DMC embroidery for the patch (waxed with natural bee wax)
    7. Hand-painted name tag: “Rotes Phantom” ( the Red Phantom in German)
    8. Custom-made stencil for 88th Company inner tag.
    9. Distressed with paint and sandpaper.



German Camo Bag:

51.5 cm x 45.5 cm
20.27″ x 17.91″


Hand Painted Story Labels

This WW1 German Camo Bag has its unique label tag from l’Atelier. The tag is numbered with the vest’s unique serial number and has a red wax handmade quality control seal. On the back of the label tag are my full story notes written by hand and hand-painted with watercolors. There are two other stapled tags: one for the -REMAKE©- list and one for measurements.


Hand Painted Packaging

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since all my items are hand-painted, it’s only natural to apply the same method to their packaging.
I spray painted the 88th Company logo on a beautiful large brown bag on a custom stencil. After inserting the custom item inside the bag, it is folded and closed with a vintage twine string. Finally, like a top-secret letter, the string knot is sealed with a custom wax seal.


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