Introducing My Newest Ideas and Exciting Additions to my 88th Co. Online Store

Introducing My Newest Ideas and Exciting Additions to my 88th Co. Online Store

Hey Sailors,

This week I will be talking about my newest ideas and exciting additions to the 88th Company Online store. Yes, it’s taking longer than expected, because I want things to be done correctly. Also, I’m following my gut to take time to introduce each new design. After all, I’m not a manufacturer, I’m an artist! And art takes time! So thanks for your patience 😉!

So, what are my newest ideas?


New (Native American) Chief Bag


My newest art piece will be out very soon. I’m working on a beautiful video to introduce the bag. It is taking longer than I expected because my artistic choices have changed a few times along the way. However, if I learned anything in art, rushing is never a good thing! In the end, your design will be missed by your audience, because you didn’t take the time to do things at your own pace! With anything, take the time you feel is right and launch your project! I always compare projects to ship launches. You wouldn’t throw your ship in the water if you hadn’t finished welding the bow? It will sink! The same goes for everything!


Introducing My Newest Ideas and Exciting Additions to my 88th Co. Online Store: Native American bag



What about T-Shirts?


I can confirm that the t-shirts will be back on the 88th Company online store! I’ve only decided to go with 4 models as a start. I will build on creating more prints as I go. The themes that will be available before the end of November are historical aviation, navy and nautical, Western (as the far west), and animal symbols (for example a vintage high school dog mascot). I will develop new designs and upgrade some of my most popular ones (from the last few years).


88th Company USAAF first Edition t-shirt



I’m also developing accessories that will also be added to the online store. I won’t spoil the list of items until I’m sure of their availability and cost. But I’m super excited! So stay tuned for more soon!


Mighty Eighth Distressed Denim Biker Vest -REMAKE©-


What to expect?


I will always make my items with the same love and passion! To know more about my process, check my detailed page on the matter. Moreover, I only do –Remake– from vintage items. All the pieces you are getting from L’Atelier are unique! Finally, even my labeling and packaging are hand-made! That’s what 88th Company is all about!



That’s all for today Sailors,

Feel free to ask me questions.

For direct contact please don’t hesitate to write me a telegram.

Sonia 😉🎖🤠 Xo




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