Discover how I create a one-of-a-kind wearable art piece.
Sonia Turner 88th Company artist

A Work of Passion!

88th Company Craftsmanship is the core of the brand. Craftsmanship means that I, as an artist, and my small team do all the thrifting, concept design, painting, sewing, dyeing, and distressing by hand. Therefore, it takes long hours of work and even weeks to finish one custom piece. It is a labor of love and passion to provide you with the most unique wearable art piece that celebrates History & vintage design.

Founder & ArtistSonia T.

Sonia's Signature 88th Company

Craftsmanship Process

Thrifting Process

01. Thrifting

Thrift a few times a week for vintage military bags, jackets, workwear, fabrics, threads, and much more. This process can take long hours and I sometimes travel to location.

88th Company cleaning Process

02. Cleaning

For you to have the perfect wearable art, all vintage items are washed and repaired if needed.

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03. Measurements

All vintage items are carefully measured and recorded in 88th Co. inventory.

Design Process

01. Research

Research through archives, books, museums, documentaries, and movies for ideas & tales of courage for a unique design.

02. Sketching

Flush out serval concept sketches on paper.

88th company mockup

03. Mockup Design

Digitalize the sketches and print the mockup to test placing it on the item.

The Perfection of Imperfections

As an artist, I’ve always been taught to create clean and perfect designs, but when I discovered vintage clothes, I saw the imperfections as BEAUTIFUL! Imperfections are several human stories of hardship, love, discoveries, adventures, wars, revolutions, and voyages throughout history. Imperfections are stories that I will keep in my designs no matter what.  So yes, imperfections are simply PERFECT!

Painting Process

88th company tracing

01. Tracing

To trace, each canvas needs to be painted white first and traced second. Custom stencils can also be used, depending on the project.

02. Painting

The painting process can take two to three weeks. (Paint used for fabric: Speedball paint).

88th company heat press

03. Heat Pressing

After a few days of drying, the entire painting is heat pressed to stick to the garment for life. It is also the best way to protect the art piece from water.

Leather Process

88th company leather cutting

01. Cutting

I first cut the shape on paper, trace it on the leather, and cut it. Each piece of leather must be cleaned before painting.

88th company leather painting

02. Base Paint

The leather piece is painted white and the design is traced. (Paint used for leather: Angelus Paint) I would also press holes if the piece needs to be sawn to a garment.

88th company leather painting details

03. Painting

I paint the full design and when done I cover it with a matte finisher. If the piece needs to be distressed, I would do it with sandpaper.

Handmade Distressing

Distressing can be made by using: sand paper, knifes, razor blades, metal brushes, dirt, oil, paint, fire, chlorine, sun and all type of natural dyes . The process can take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Sewing Process

88th Company Pattern Making, image from google

01. Pattern Making

Design, trace, and cut the pattern design on the repurposed fabric.

02. Sewing

Embroidery is only made by hand, while sewing can either be made by hand or machine. It depends on the task at hand.

Distressing threads

03. Distressing

Threads and stitches can be stained/dyed over or distressed for a vintage look.


In my dyeing process I use natural dyes such as coffee, turmeric, tea and vegetables. I can also use paint and oils for a more distressed look!

Custom Packaging

Hand made tags by 88th Company

The Tags

Tags are unique to every design project. They’re dyed, stamped, and illustrated by hand.

Letter from 88th Company

Your Letter

I take the time to write you a thank you letter for your purchase and welcome you into the 88th Co. family.

88th Company Certificate

The Certificate

Each design comes with a certificate of authenticity, serial number, and your name.

88th Company Stencil

Custom Stencil

My custom stencils are always used to spray paint the 88th Company logo and the name of the project.

88th Company folding packaging

Cutting & Folding

Cutting and folding the bags or boxes for your art piece is something I do in-house!

88th co. Wax seal of quality

The Seal

Each package comes with an 88th Company military wax seal because it is your classified and unique piece!