My 88th Co. Story

A Story of love for Design and Passion for History.

A Passion From Childhood

88th Company Epilogue Story


Early 1990s, Sunday Morning: 

I came across this scene of a strange flying dark blue fighter airplane flown by a bunch of cool dudes dressed with some of the coolest gear I have ever seen. Wow! I wanna know more! What a shape for a plane, what a damn beautiful color! And what are those markings? I must go to the library to know more about this!

-I had no idea that Sunday morning, the F4U Corsair and the Baa Baa Black Sheep TV series just changed my life. It was my first open door to design and history.-

Tradition & Technology

Still in the 1990s, Summer Break:

I’m going to build my miniature airfield in the back of my garden! I don’t have any airplanes (I only have a yellow F-15 and tons of Lego), but I will cut them in cardboard and paint them with anything I have! I will also plan the airfield design on my computer by using Paint. Even if I’m a little sad that the toy store doesn’t have any WWII airplane, I don’t care, since I can imagine anything, I can see it and built it!

-My career as a digital designer has started with Paint on Windows 95. It really changed how I made art, because it helped me better understand scale, 2D and colors. Today, I love to use both traditional methods and technology to get the best design! I can paint on a canvas or on Photoshop, it really doesn’t matter! The sky is the limit!-

Tradition and Technology
Jane's and Michel Vaillant

Crucial Inspirations

Early 2000s, End of School Year:

I’ve watched Indiana Jones, Castle in the Sky, tons of anime and read French comics. But what makes me very happy are video games. I can finally fly a B-17 and do some historical missions. Jane’s WWII fighters has the most incredible home page I’ve seen! There’re airplanes seating in a hangar, just like a museum! I love staring at those beauties!  I really love how movies/games tell stories, the history, costumes, drawings and anything related to vehicles. It’s really awesome! I’m graduating from high school soon and I know I will study design, but I have no idea how I will include my passion for military design in my art. Especially as a girl, I worry to be misunderstood…

-In high school, they always try to put you in their box, even if you don’t fit! However, in college, I had some amazing teachers that slowly guided me to where I am today. It took time and courage to create 88th Company. I had to fail a few times at jobs that I really hated! It was boring and there was nothing as cool as military fashion or design. So, in 2013, I made the decision to never ever work in corporate design and create 88th Company. There’s so much I want to do and create and I shall get there!-

Born In Philadelphia, Since 2013

Passion for history and military design

Philadelphia is the city of LOVE and I had embraced it with all my heart! I owe to Philly my first Army surplus store, the famous and irreplaceable: Goldberg Army & Navy store. There, I found my dream, love and passion! It is also there, where I got my first bags and made my first designs that sold fast on Etsy! The Goldberg Army & Navy store is part of the birth of 88th Company and will always be part of our history! I’m forever grateful to the store and to Philly!

The DNA of 88th Company

88th Company story

Why 88th?

Many things inspired me to choose the 88 number. First, I really love the mighty’s 8th emblem and their incredible stories. Second, I think the number 8 is a cool design on its own. It has many different meaning to people, such as infinity and so on, but for me it’s an homage to my two brothers and mom who have been supportive into making 88th Company a reality!

88th Company Founder

My name is Sonia T., I have been an artist and designer for over 10 years. Since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with history, vintage clothes, old furniture and military relics. So much so, that I wanted to become an archeologist. But with time, my artistic side took over, so much so, that I started to paint famous military nose art on bags. What started as art replica, it pushed me to create my own original designs on prints, t-shirts, jackets and bags. Finally, I also wanted to move deeper into wearable art, by painting a full compositions on the back of jackets and fully hand paint every single accessories such as ribbon and patches. My goal, is to provide you with a one of a kind piece, that will be a conversation starter and a wow effect. Feeling special and looking good, makes you feel good! Especially, when everything I make, from the art piece to the packaging, is handmade! 

Founder & ArtistSonia T.
Sonia Turner 88th company artist


A Family Affair

88th Company won’t be running without the help of my reinforcement division. I have always closely worked with my brothers and mom to make 88th Company a better company and even more creative!

We are family!

The Reinforcement Division Is Made From 5 Crucial Units

Marketing Manager & Brand Adviser


Marketing manager, social media & brand adviser.

Sewing and Embroidery Master

Misses Saber

Expert in repairs, sewing and in embroidery.

88th Company Relics collection


Inspiration from collecting historical relics by traveling to locations and meet amazing people.

Military surplus suppliers

Key Suppliers

Military Surplus & Vintage Workwear Suppliers.

Admiral Cat

Admiral Cat

Guard the atelier & purr the enemy away!

Shipping and Handling

DHL Express

Shipping, handling and customer service.