The DNA of 88th Company

The Story of 88th Company

Sonia Turner 88th company artist

Founder of 88th Co.

My name is Sonia T., I have been an artist and designer for over a decade. Since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with history, military relics, military vehicles, design, vintage clothes, old tableware, and furniture. So much so, that I wanted to become an archeologist. But with time, my artistic side took over and I started customizing military bags with famous WWII nose art. What started as an art replica, quickly turned into making my original designs on prints, t-shirts, jackets, and bags. Finally, I also wanted to move deeper into wearable historical art, by painting a full composition on the back of jackets, fully hand painting every single accessory such as ribbon and sew patches. My goal is to provide you with a one-of-a-kind art piece, that will be a conversation starter about history or fashion. Feeling special and looking good, makes you feel good! Especially, when everything I make, from the art piece to the packaging, is handmade! 

Why 88th?

The 88 number is an homage to my Mom and my two brothers, who have 8 or 88 in their date of birth. Furthermore, I heard that the number 88 also symbolizes the abundance of positive energy. It comes full circle to what 88th Company means to me: it’s about family and positive energy.

88th Company Story

Born In Philadelphia,
Since 2013

Passion for history and military design

Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and I had embraced it with all my heart! I owe Philly my first Army surplus store, the famous and irreplaceable:  I Goldberg Army & Navy store. There, I found my dream, love, and passion! It is also there, where I got my first bags and made my first designs that sold fast on Etsy! The Goldberg Army & Navy store is part of the birth of 88th Company and will always be part of our history! I’m forever grateful to the store and to Philly!

Inspiration & Themes

Tales of Courage

I love to illustrate tales of courage and valor from historical characters that inspire me! I would like to celebrate women and men of all backgrounds that have made a difference in history (from 1900 to 1970). We must remember what they all did, so the future would be better! It would be an honor to paint their stories on unique pieces of art that will spread their message in the 21st century.

The Military

Unfortunately, wars have pushed the military to develop the most incredible technological inventions of the 20th century! I love military aircraft, ships, submarines, tanks, and all kinds of vehicles. I have been fascinated by design, technology, engineering, colors, emblems, camouflage, nose art, patches, ribbons, and any kind of art form. Furthermore, military uniforms and soldiers' customization are also a great part of my inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind art piece. Finally, it’s also my way to tell incredible stories of bravery and courage from WWI & WWII. I think it’s very important that we don’t forget!
I'm also an avid collector of military relics, which have been one of the best sources of inspiration for my work.


Civilian vehicles industries work closely with the military, so it inspires me too! I love classic cars, vintage motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, cars, trains, racing and anything old! Finally, the industrial force and racing, created their own designs, uniforms, fashion, styling and accessories that hold millions of interesting stories. So, they are an outstanding source of inspiration!

Fashion & Style

Americana fashion has always been influenced by icons, the military, the industrial revolution, and vice versa. For example, the M65 field jacket has become a classic jacket for men, that Ralph Lauren and many other brands have customized for their brands. On the other hand, uniforms for the military or hard industrial work, have been influenced by fashion by getting colors and patterns that are fashionable. So, it’s only natural for me and to be inspired by the fashion and style from 1900 to 1970.


A Family Affair

The artistic part of 88th Company is only run by me. However, my best reinforcement is my family! I work closely with my mother and brothers to make 88th Company a great business!

We forever are family!

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