How I Started 88th Company Unique Pieces (Part 2)


Welcome back, Sailors! This week I will continue talking about 88th Company’s beginnings pieces.

So, to improve my skills, I did a lot of experiments. Plus, in 2013 Youtube wasn’t as cool as today. It was basic.  Therefore,  I had to learn on my own. I asked a lot of questions at craft stores for feedback and I’m grateful for how helpful people were.

I continued to buy more bags on eBay and at the I Goldberg Army & Navy store to make more bags like these:



88th Company’s Bag Number 6: Empire of the Rising Sun


88th Company Empire of the Rising Sun military laundry bag. Number 6.

One of my objectives for 88th Company is to conquer the Japanese Market. So, for this barrack bag, I painted the famous battleship HIJMS Nagato and the word Chaos In Japanese lettering (for any of my Korean readers, my apologies, I know this flag is like the Nazi flag for us . 죄송합니다! 🙇🏻‍♀️). Today I would have done something a bit different. But it’s a cool piece!

(Sold on ETSY)


Bag Number 7: 587th Bombardier Squadron


88th Company 587th Bombardier Squadron military laundry bag. Number 7.

I loved painting this bag🤌🏻! This is the 88th Company style!  This insignia is simply gorgeous! It’s too cool for me to pass!

(Sold on ETSY)



Bag Number 8: “Yankee Rebel”, Harley Davidson


88th Company Harley Davidson, Yankee Rebel military laundry bag. Number 8.

I wanted to celebrate the famous and beautiful Harley Davidson WLA, Liberator on this bag. I wish I could ride and own this bike one day! The painting is all alright. But, thanks to these various projects and designs I learned SO MUCH!

(Never sold, birthday gift)


Bag Number 9: 101st Airborne


88th Company 101st Airborne, D-Day Drop military laundry bag. Number 9.

As you notice, I’m thinking of doing more designs based on compositions. Moreover, you can also spot my manga style of drawing, where line work is key. However, with time, I wanted to become a better painter by trying hard to liberate myself from line work. It took a lot of work and I also had a great teacher. I will talk about it more down the line.

(Sold on ETSY)


88th company’s Gem Number 10: The Sherman Tank Crew Sleeve


88th Company Sherman Tank military sleeve. Number 10.

88th Company Sherman Tank military sleeve. Number 10.

I picked this beautiful sleeve from the I Goldberg Army & Navy store without knowing its true origin. If I knew this was a British document and map carry case, I would have painted a British tank crew in the Tunisian desert. But, I was still learning how to research vintage pieces. Now, I do it all the time and I can even date things by touching the fabric. Nevertheless, I’m always learning and I will always do! That’s how it works 😉!

I love the painting on this thick cotton canvas fabric. Some fabrics make the painting even more interesting, and that’s the case for this design 🤌🏻.

(I Still own this carry case, I couldn’t sell it, because I am too attached to it.)


Bag Number 11: 642nd BS AAF Bombardment Squadron Bag


88th Company Sherman 642nd BS AAF Bombardment squadron cargo bag. Number 11.

My Canvas for this design is a brand-new Rothco cargo bag. I painted the 642nd bombardment insignia on the side of the bag. Again 88th Company and I love skull designs! These vintage insignia are simply timeless!


In my next post, I will finally share one of my two most important bespoke bags. I haven’t shared them this week, because there are so many bags in between that I had to share first. I think it’s important to see the evolution of 88th Company and mine.


That’s all for today Sailors,

Feel free to ask me questions about the 88th Company Archives.

For direct contact please don’t hesitate to write me a telegram.

Sonia 😉🎖🤠 Xo

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