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WW2 USAAF Green Vintage Barracks/Laundry Bag -REMAKE-


Vintage and fully hand paintedย  barracks USAAF Bag.


This WW2 USAAF Bag is fully painted by hand. Furthermore, the canvas is a vintage barrack bag (or a laundry bag) from the 1970โ€™s. Like any vintage item, the bag has signs of wear, stains, patches and original marking.

Most importantly, this WW2 USAAF bag is a one of kind art piece.

Craftsmanship For The Vintage USAAF bag:


Dimension of The Bag

Size: 29.5″x 22.3″ or 74,93 cm x 56,64 cm


Inspired by my favorite section of the military during WW2, here’s a unique USAAF laundry bag. The way I painted, is 100% vintage style and weathered.
In the back it has a beautiful vintage US flag, with labels: Property, US Government.

Surplus Archeology

I pay close attention to where I get my bags. So, I handpick them myself and later wash them with care. I buy them through different military surplus sellers or thrift stores. But, I always pick vintage items that have history and sign of wear such as: markings, holes or traces of rust, which make them even more beautiful and authentic.

Painting Method Onย USAAF Bag

This bag is 100% hand painted. It takes a couple of days to paint the bag from front to back.
To apply the paint on the bag I trace my custom design on the bag and start to paint. I use Speedball paint and different brushes to get a distressed finish. Each bag is unique!
Youโ€™re getting an art piece, that no machine can reproduce.

Care for your USAAF Bag

Itโ€™s preferable that you donโ€™t wash the bag. Even if it was heat pressed, itโ€™s best not wash it and keep it rugged. However, if you do stain it, just use a wet cloth and gently rub it. It should be ok!

USAAF Hand Painted Packaging Method

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since this bag is all hand painted, itโ€™s only natural to have the same method applied to its packaging.
I use a recycled brown paper bags that I customize just for you. I lock the packaging with a military wax seal until it reaches you.ย Every single detail, has a countless hours of hand work.


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