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WW2 Seabees Blue Japanese Canvas Duffle/Laundry Bag -REMAKE-



This WW2 Seabees Duffle Bag is fully painted by hand. Furthermore, the canvas is a vintage Japanese duffle bag (or a laundry bag). Like any vintage item, the bag has signs of wear.

Most importantly, this WW2 Seabees Duffle Bag is a one of kind art piece.

History of the Seabees From Wiki:

United States Naval Construction Battalions, better known as the Seabees, form the Naval Construction Force (NCF) of the United States Navy. Their nickname is a heterograph of the first initials โ€œC.B.โ€ from the words Construction Battalion.

Dimension of The Seabees Duffle Bag

49 cm width x 81.5 cm hight
19.29″ x 32″

Surplus Archeology

I pay close attention to where I get my bags. So, I handpick them myself and later wash them with care. I buy them through different military surplus sellers or thrift stores. But, I always pick vintage items that have history and sign of wear such as: markings, holes or traces of rust, which make them even more beautiful and authentic.

Painting Method

I do hand paint everything myself. It does take many hours to research, draw, paint and heat press the design on the fabric. Moreover, for inspiration, I constantly study soldiersโ€™ paintings on duffel bags and leather jackets. They are a great source of inspiration.


I do spend many hours on these unique bags and I do hand paint everything. I donโ€™t use any machine or computer! Itโ€™s all manual! So that explains why some bags reach $300 or more.


Itโ€™s preferable that you donโ€™t wash the bag. Even if it was heat pressed, itโ€™s best not wash it and keep it rugged. If you do stain it, just use a wet cloth and gently rub it. It should be ok!


The bag will be packed in a beautiful handmade packaging. Each bag gets the best care in the world in order to reach you.


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