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Vintage Distressed & Hand Dyed USAAF T-Shirt


Each t-shirt is made to order and is 100% unique! It will take 3 days to make it. When finished, you will receive an email with all the shipping information.

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This vintage USAAF T-Shirt is printed by hand. Furthermore, the t-shirt is aged and dyed by hand.

This USAAF is my inspiration for this beautiful t-shirt


Craftsmanship For The Vintage USAAF T-Shirt:


Hand Dyeing Method For the USAAF T-Shirt

In my various research and documentation, during ww2 combat operation, military t-shirts from WW2 were never perfectly clean or white. They showed signs of sweat, elements exposure and wear. My goal is to mimic that by giving the shirt a soul! To make it even more authentic and comfortable for you, I used natural dyes such as curry powder and coffee. And for extra staining effect, I also use water based paint for fabric.
The dyeing process takes between 2 to 3 days to be completed, but the result is worth the wait.


Hand Printing Method for the USAAF T-Shirt

This t-shirt is 100% hand printed. It takes a couple of hours to a day to finish the printing for one t-shirt.
To apply the paint on the shirt, I use my custom made stencils, Speedball paint and a pastel brush. Each t-shirt is unique! The stroke of the brush can’t be copied and pasted on each t-shirt. Each one has its own unique finish.
You’re getting an art piece, that no machine can reproduce.


Hand Weathering Method the USAAF T-Shirt

Weathering is a long process that can take 1 to 2 days to finish. Each section of the shirt is carefully distressed with various type of tools such as: sand paper, paint, x-acto knifes, metal brushes, razors and bleach.


USAAF Hand Painted Packaging Method

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since this t-shirt is all hand painted, it’s only natural to have the same method applied to its packaging.
I used a recycled paper box, that I customized to look like a used ammo box. The olive drab color is my own acrylic mix and all the weathering is done my watercolor paint.
Finally, all the tags are watercolored too (please look a the pictures). Every single detail, has a countless hours of hand work.


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